Build, test and launch your product

Using tried and true Agile development processes, our development team brings your product to life.

Our entire product development cycle is guided by these Moove It core principles:

Commitment to High-quality

We are committed to a high-quality development process that emphasizes thorough testing of the software we build, collaborative code reviews, and continuous evaluation of our work processes.

Efficient and Proactive Processes

We embrace the agile approach to project management, which enables us to work efficiently and proactively mitigate risks. Tasks are planned ahead and are well defined, and we hold daily meetings that help us keep track of progress and ensure everyone is pulling in the right direction.

Since change is central to the agile methodology, we maintain a flexible approach to each project. Our primary focus is on helping our clients achieve their goals and develop the right solutions, so we never get stuck on particular designs or ideas. We proactively suggest changes and better approaches where available.

Planning is key

We ensure our development team starts with a clear understanding of the vision for each product, as well as the long-term plan for it. This knowledge enables them to create architecture that anticipates future needs and can adapt to future requirements, whether that be feature or performance related.

Having well defined tasks, clear assignment of responsibilities, explicit acceptance criteria, frequent checkpoints, visible progress reports, and effective dialog between stakeholders are important.

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Communication and transparency

We practice effective communication, and that includes being responsive. Our team understands that even simple feedback like “Looking at the problem right now, I will let you know as soon as I have more information,” goes a long way in assuring the client that the problem is being taken care of.

Transparency is just as important to us, and we have an open culture that ensures clients are fully aware of what is going on with their projects. This applies across board, from direct access to our time reports to making sure the client is aware of progress, and of any delays that might occur.

Where a delay might occur, we work with the client to develop appropriate solutions, which might range from reducing the project scope to extending the deadline or other solutions that might be available to solve the problem. We never present challenges to clients without offering possible solutions.

Agile Development

We use an Agile Development Process based on the SCRUM framework and guidelines. It is a process that enables our execution teams to define and prioritize the features of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and manage any changing dynamics.

The software development phase is structured in time-boxed iterations or “sprints,” which occur every two weeks. At the end of each iteration, the execution team provides a progress review for the client, then plans out the subsequent iteration.

Intermediate snapshots of the incremental product are uploaded to a private staging environment where the Client may perform testing activities and regular reviews of the functional units or increments. This approach provides the Client with the ability to freely execute reviews and status revisions.


Throughout the duration of the project, a seamless communication process remains in place between the client and the development team. Periodic communication occurs through virtual conferencing tools such as Slack, Skype or Zoom, or via emails and project/backlog management systems such as JIRA.

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