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Are you familiar with these scenarios?

Planned releases are coming and the pressure to hire talented people increases.
Your in‑house team lacks expertise in a specific practice.
Your in-house team has a tight deadline coming up.

Companies often face pressure to deliver faster and better digital experiences to clients. The ideal solution would be to hire the best professionals available, create solid teams, and provide them with the right procedures and tools to make this happen.

However, those in management know that creating and scaling such a high-performance team can be a difficult and expensive venture.

The best option is to bring in an established technology partner to work alongside your team.

Our practices


  • Product Ownership
  • Project Management
  • Lean Product Development


  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Platform Development
  • DevOps
  • Legacy re-engineering
  • Microservices Architecture


  • Product Discovery
  • UX/UI Design


  • Technological Coaching
  • Methodology Coaching
  • Agile adoption


  • Automated testing
  • Continuous delivery

Our projects go beyond technology

Moove It works as a plugin to your organization, bringing talented professionals, tools and processes that are integrated smoothly into your operations. We scale up your development team to speed up development and to boost your internal team with Moove It’s best practices.

Together, we become a one-stop shop. Moove It’s permanent staff includes experienced Web developers, Mobile developers, Backend Engineers, DevOps, UX/UI Designers and Project Managers. We help clients centralize all needs into one place, avoiding the inconvenience of dealing with multiple service providers.


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"I can say without hesitation that engaging Moove It has been one of the best decisions in my technology career. The experience is truly like having an extended team, that is fully integrated into everything we do. I am thankful for having met the entire Moove It team."

Sean Power Picture
Sean Power
Vice Chairman, PrescribeWellness - Founder & CEO, karmadata

Successful experiences


How Moove It works alongside Disney Streaming Services team

"Moove It helped us increase our team's velocity and capacity. Moove It engineers were able to catch up with our project's complex architecture and successfully integrate with our full-time staff."

Disney Streaming Services Logo
Matt Gelbman
SVP, Software Engineering, Disney Streaming Services

How we work with our clients

By building a product from scratch: Our business analysts and designers together with the development team to take your idea, from early prototype or requirements, and create your product.

By scaling up your development team to speed up development and to boost your internal team with Moove It’s best practices.

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