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In 2008, we began to use Ruby as our primary development language which drove the company transformation into a consolidated Ruby web development company

Looking for a trusted partner to help you with your Ruby project?

Our Ruby development team works as a plugin to your organization, bringing talent, tools and processes that are integrated smoothly into your operations. We work with industries such as entertainment, healthcare, IoT, education, finance, and real estate.

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Why Ruby?

In 2008, something hit us —Ruby. Ruby, its philosophy —its ideology, even— changed Moove It, forever. In Ruby, not just the language, itself, but also in the community that grew up around it, we found balanced construction and a strong commitment to high quality. We learned the importance of producing quality over quantity, the significance of building relationships based on mutual trust, the benefits of working with passion, the increased power of teams over individuals, and the crucial value of continuously seeking to improve ourselves.

"Moove It helped us increase our team's velocity and capacity. Moove It engineers were able to catch up with our project's complex architecture and successfully integrate with our full-time staff."

Matt Gelbman
Matt Gelbman
SVP, Software Engineering, Disney Streaming Services

"For us Moove It is not just a software provider, they are a trustworthy partner with high level technical knowledge that provides value through innovative technical solutions."

Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez
CTO, Bancard

Rails, AngularJS and ReactJS

Back-End Development

Ruby on Rails is increasingly embraced by fast-growing and established companies as a backend language for producing secure, efficient, and usable web apps and mobile back-ends. Along with automated testing and continuous deployment, Ruby allows to release sophisticated products in a record time-to-market.

Ruby's Front-End Design

ReactJS provides reusability, simplicity, and scalability for large single page applications (SPAs). Combined with the right user interface design, it provides a more fluid and pleasing user experience and reduce the overall effort of building usable web interfaces.


Angular is an optimal solution for creating dynamic web applications. It’s main advantages are efficient design architecture, faster application development, and a constantly growing community.

Moove It as a strong player in the Ruby community

Our open source contributions.


A easy-to-learn language for declaring context-driven conditional expressions.

Sidekiq Scheduler

An extension to Sidekiq for running recurring jobs on a regular basis.


An extension to Sidekiq for running recurring jobs on a regular basis.

Feel free to use any of them, based on your interests. We are happy to share!

How we work with our clients

By building a product from scratch: Our business analysts and designers together with the development team to take your idea, from early prototype or requirements, and create your product.

By scaling up your development team to speed up development and to boost your internal team with Moove It’s best practices.

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What makes us different?

We will integrate smoothly into your organization to tackle your needs to find and build powerful software solutions.


We have been building apps and mobile software for the last 12 years. Our experience gives us the capability to build and integrate with your needs in a fast, professional and precise manner.


We develop applications using a set of tools and procedures that can be adapted to each company; because we know every organization has different needs that have to be worked in different ways.


Our strong work ethics, values and principles are focused on creating strong long-term relationships.


We become deeply involved in our client’s product, market and vision.

Sustainable quality

Our products are developed with intention to retain their high quality as our clients scale their growth.


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